If you need help getting an art practice going, feel stuck in your current practice, or just want to enjoy a fun workshop consider taking a class or private session at Alexandra’s studio in Multnomah Village.

Art with Friends and Individual Art Instruction can help you find your voice, recognize your passions and develop a meaningful relationship with your art while dealing compassionately with any obstacles you face. It is not necessary to have a lot of space, time or materials to reap the benefits of making art.

Alexandra’s teaching style encourages people of all levels to leave perfectionism and self-doubt behind to find their own voice and appreciate creativity for it’s own sake. She has also taught at Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, The Art Center in Corvallis and Samaritan Artscare.

For more information or to schedule please email alexandra.schaefers@gmail.com or call/text (503) 208-6147.


Art with Friends


Sketchbook/Art Journal: make a refillable sketchbook or art journal, supplies included. 2 hours, $150, up to 5 people.

Drawing for Presence: Learn simple drawing exercises that cultivate presence and intimacy. One does not need to make good drawings to benefit. 90 minutes, $100, up to 5 people.

Depth Art Journaling: Learn to let go of making visually appealing art journals to develop technologies for communicating more honestly with ourselves, wade through life’s question marks, make stressful decisions and celebrate our unique voice. 90 minutes, $100 up to 5 people.

Starting an Art Practice: Learn the basics of how to start and maintain a fulfilling art practice. We will clarify what and how we want to create, learn how to cultivate time and space for art making, and prepare for likely roadblocks likely. 2 hours, $150 up to 5 people.

Agnostic Tarot: Learn to use the symbolism and archetypes of tarot for problem solving, brainstorming and communicating with hidden parts of ourselves. 90 minutes, $100 up to 5 people.


Individual Art Instruction

Lessons tailored to your goals. It is not necessary to have a lesson once a week, you decide what pace benefits your art practice and is affordable. $35 for a one hour session.

Art is a powerful tool with many potentials. Aside from an avenue to better express ourselves and make beautiful things it can be: a potent aid for personal growth practices, a deep source for soul-work, a road to personal empowerment, a self-soothing activity to alleviate stress and nurture self-love, and a fun way to connect with others and build community.

Often we don’t like our art if it doesn’t look like something we’ve seen before. If you are making work in your own voice you are probably making something new and your work has a lot more potential than you realize.