When we appreciate nature we find ourselves.
When we appreciate ourselves we find our place.

Alexandra uses a whimsical style to celebrate the beauty of the natural world and reclaim the human place as part of nature. She hopes that by spending more time in the landscape and becoming more at peace with our own nature, humans can make more supportive and inspiring habitats that allow other species a better chance to coexist with us.

Alexandra was born and raised in Corvallis, Oregon. She graduated from Crescent Valley High School in 1992 and attended The Evergreen State College for two years, studying post-modernism and performing arts.
Knowing that music was not her career, but feeling it was worth studying, she left school to enter the real world of waiting tables and playing alto saxophone; first in Portland, Oregon and later in Jemez Springs, New Mexico.

When that misadventure was over she moved back to Portland and began trying in earnest to be enlightened. Luckily, she wasn’t very good at meditating. She spent lots of time making artist books, painting large, gaudy pieces in tempera on banner paper, and participating in local poetry open mics.

Eventually she came to her senses and began taking art classes. It was not long before she was enrolled full-time at Portland Community College studying calligraphy, design, drawing, painting, and printmaking.

In 2008, Alexandra returned to The Evergreen State College to study fine art installation and language-as-art. She finished her Bachelor’s of Arts that spring and returned to Portland, Oregon.