Alexandra Schaefers is a Pacific Northwest artist, poet and contemplative who makes work to understand and appreciate the human place in nature. She believes the more we appreciate the beauty of nature in and around ourselves the more society evolves to support humaness and care for fellow species and our shared habitat. Alexandra also teaches self-expression as a way to develop the compassion and wisdom that allow us to cultivate humaness. You can contact Alexandra at and you can subscriber to her newsletters:

Commissions are $2.50/square inch with a minimum of $200 and require a 25% deposit or at least $100. Pieces larger than 24 by 36 may include increased material charges. This price does not include mounting. Examples of mounting charges are $50 for an 8 by 10 inch painting on a cradled birch panel with 7/8 inch depth and $110 for a 24 by 36 inch painting mounted on a cradled birch panel with 1 5/8 inch depth. These prices may change with supplier price and shipping increases. Please email at the above address for inquiries.

handpainted text says, "	

When we appreciate nature we find ourselves.

When we appreciate ourselves we find our place."

Alexandra was born and raised in Corvallis, Oregon. She attended Portland Community College and The Evergreen State College, studying post-modernism, performing and fine arts with a focus on language-as-art and graduated in 2009.

She took a long break in the middle of her academic career to play alto saxophone, live in the desert, seek enlightenment, read at poetry open mics and make more art.

Alexandra continues her work creating illustrated poetry books and abstract paintings while developing a sense of humaness that honors our scientific vantage point alongside our human need to connect spiritually to place and purpose. She has shown work at Corvallis’ The Art Center, Elizabeth Jones Art Center in Portland and has taught at Sitka Center for Art and Ecology.

Alexandra’s resume is available here.

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