Portland Saturday Market

my first market ๐Ÿ™‚

I plan to be at the Market August 12th and 26th. Please check back Friday to find my location and make sure I haven’t had any unexpected schedule changes.

I’m very excited to be selling at Portland Saturday Market now. I really appreciate everyone who has come to visit my booth, read my books and purchase work. Thank you! It’s a pleasure meeting so many people from all over ๐Ÿ™‚

Emptiness and Newness

My latest version of painting meditations is to approach it in an art-journaling mind-set. So far I like the result. I made the piece above after contemplating the need for occasional emptiness.

As time goes on I have less to write about. I have long loved to write about nature but I reached a point where I didn’t feel I had anything new to say. More recently I find I have less to journal about because my emotional well-being is very good so I have few things to work out.

I know that the remedy would be to free-write everyday and see what eventually transpires but for now I am content to just keep a diary of the interesting things about the day, a studio journal of what I am working on and plans for how to proceed.

I was feeling uneasy about the lack of productivity but I still have Landscape Diaries to finish editing and Rust to Illustrate. I don’t exactly need a new piece of writing to work with now. My discomfort is a thing of identity, wanting to see myself as an active writer, wanting to imagine a future with more and better work. I have a suspicion that to be empty for a while, to not force things, may create a space for something meaningful to come in. Otherwise my work will stop growing.

The piece below is how I feel about my day yesterday. I was at my day job in a large medical office feeling fatigued and not sure how I was going to talk to people on the phone all day when one of the clinic staff came to shadow me since she is considering working from home as a scheduler after she has a new baby. I was excited for her to start a family and showing a new person what I do gave me some energy which made the day much better.

Today was studio day and in addition to my painting meditations I worked on a large landscape and made more prints for my next market. I was glad to finally have a day in my new studio without having to devote a lot of time to moving. I am really happy in my new home though ๐Ÿ™‚

Portland Saturday Market

The last month has been devoted to applying to Portland Saturday Market, selling at the market and moving. It’s been a lot but I am thrilled with all of it.

When I was in my 20s I lived in a tiny studio apartment on MLK and Couch and walked through the market regularly. I dreamed of selling my handmade books there but didn’t have the wherewithal to work toward such a goal. When I started studying art in school I moved on to dreams about showing in galleries and museums but I had a hard time imagining how this would add up to a meaningful career and was very intimidated by what I perceived as the intellectualy centered quality of contemporary art at the time.

Over the last year the dream to sell at the market kept coming back into mind. Then I read about how Hilma af Klint supported her spiritual painting practice by selling more commercial art and this allowed me to fit the two dreams together.

I’ve been at the market 2 weeks in a row now and I love it. It suits me to set-up a little shop and be part of the community as an artist. I met all sorts of people from all over the country and overseas. Also the regularity is easier for me than when I was doing annual art fairs.

I won’t be at the market this weekend as I finish moving into my boyfriend’s home but I plan to be there August 6th. I hope you can come and say hi!

Below is a video of some workbook pages where I contemplate how to talk about peace and inner beauty without platitudes or becoming patronizing and a few other paintings in progress in my new studio. Thanks so much for reading.

Stephen’s Creek

The other day I made a painting from sketches I did at the headwaters of Stephen’s Creek. It is a luxurious spot of wetlands and trees with a little bench to sit on and admire the leaves blowing about and the birds carrying on in their normal routines. When I go there I feel unusually peaceful and am able to step into the visceral experience of being me: a little human on a grand planet full of growth and miracles and tremendous challenges.

I didn’t start with a line drawing in order to be more painterly. I love how it turned out.

It was studio day so I also cleaned off my large gator boards and stretched large pieces of watercolor paper. This takes up quite a lot of time because I also have to thoroughly scrub and rinse my bathtub in order to get the large paper wet.

Earlier in the day I started some new painting meditations which I am always excited about and in the afternoon I had a call with a business counselor to get advice about how to best approach my art career.

I felt accomplished at the end of the day even though there are still a lot of important things I’ve been putting off while I catch up on painting.

New Small Abstracts

These are my latest painting meditations. Iโ€™m going to put them away for awhile so I can better judge which ones might go together as a body of work but they are for sale in the meantime. All sizes in inches.

Today was my studio today. I started the morning off doing some painting meditations and working on two forest paintings that arenโ€™t going as well as Iโ€™d like. I stretched some watercolor paper, worked on a couple show applications as well as my career plan and web-site. I also researched some wholesale frame possibilities. Then I made a little illustration just to reassure myself I can paint after working on the not-so-great forest paintings. Iโ€™ll post that later, stay tuned!

A Day’s Work

One weekday every week I work in my studio instead of going to my day job. I work on my art throughout the week but I am in much better spirits when I have this weekday to focus wholeheartedly on my painting career.

This week wasn’t my most productive week, I took my illustration to First Taste last weekend and while I had a great time meeting nature lovers and art appreciators I was tired afterwards so I had a slow morning day-dreaming, contemplating, meditating. To be fair these are all important endeavors in the making of good art but I don’t want to render them unrestful by thinking too hard on that.

I’ve been making painting meditations lately in the genuine sense of painting in the moment without trying to make good pieces. Here’s today’s:

I also started a new forest painting from a drawing I made out on a nature walk:

I scanned last week’s paintings:

I also applied for a group gallery show with no resistance whatsoever. This is a new thing for me as I normally shun all types of paperwork.

I got out for a nature walk of course. The creek was high and the song sparrows were hopping all about the undergrowth looking for food. The air was fresher than normal and the forest is finally filling with green after the winter.

That was my studio day. I hope your day was fulfilling! Thanks for reading!