Catching Up

I’m back from Instagram. I miss blogging and I would like to spend less time watching cat videos so I’ll be putting more effort into my posts here and my newsletters instead and less on Meta.

This year I committed to going to more shows with my illustration. I had such a great time at Newport Autumn Fest I wondered what other gems I might find. So far nothing that’s a great fit but I’m excited to try First Taste in April.

Getting ready for shows has been hectic but I learned a lot about printing art, solved some printer problems with the internet and made a table-top display panel to hang framed work on. I am always proud of myself when I can design and make my display elements. The panels I considered buying were 4 times the cost and weren’t exactly what I wanted. However, the making of my panel took an entire day which was a lot of painting time to give up.

I like the idea of offering framed prints as a convenience for people at shows but I can’t afford to stock really nice frames right now so I’m not sure if the is a good business path. I probably have 12 other queries about how to best do shows. Any input you have about what you like from artists at sales is welcome!

In my fine art practice I’m experimenting with doing my painting meditations on inexpensive paper and using the inspiring ones to make finished paintings. The finished pieces would be more accurately described as devotions instead of meditations but are still very soothing to create.

36 x 24 inches Afloat $1200

I’m also toying with the idea of making meditation paintings and letting them sit an entire year before I make any effort at deciding which ones should be shown.

I just completed an art submission with my abstracts. I haven’t replied to a call with my fine art for a while. The neat thing about applying is the motivation to flush out my ideas around my work and inspires me to start adding more conceptual information with my pieces on my website. This also makes it appealing to hold my paintings for a year because it takes time for me to discover what they are about.

My day job is taking a toll on me right now. I don’t know how the ER nurses are holding up. I just answer the phone in an outpatient clinic and I’ve been in a state if burnout for almost 2 years now. I won’t go into a complaint litany as my life is relatively very good, just adding that to the scene that I feel like a pile of cooked spaghetti a lot of the time. The only reason I haven’t left the job is that I spend my free time painting instead of looking for work but this may not be the best long term approach.

Barbur Dawn, illustration inspired by my work commute

I’m still chipping away at revising my essay collection, Landscape Diaries and just today I got back into my book project, Rust. I was going to try to have these published but now that I’m getting into shows I’m thinking I might just make them myself because it sounds more fun.

You are caught up on my studio practice! I hope this post finds you well ❤️!

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