In the senate justice turns to parody. In the woods rain turns to damp earth without any untruth.

It’s raining at Woods Memorial. The forest trail is quiet, robins chuckling here and there but mostly it’s just the sound of rain.

It has been a tough week for all of us who support minimum standards for employment. I believe Dr. Blasey Ford. But even if I didn’t I would still be appalled that an unstable, vengeful and paranoid man who can’t answer simple questions coherently now has one of the most important jobs in the country. I would not hire him to mow my yard and I have no concerns about how my yard looks.

The trees don’t appear to care. It’s not that they aren’t impacted by the decisions government makes. They have more important things to do that don’t require evolving the same kind of thinking centers that humans have. They stand in one place breathing, making shade, providing shelter from the rain. This comes in handy for me today. After making one really drippy sketch on the trail I find a dry spot under a lush tree, sit down and make some more sketches on dry paper.

It is strange that someone as educated as a judge wouldn’t take the high-road, wouldn’t admit to drinking too much to remember his actions, and wouldn’t own the disrespectful mewlings he expressed in his year-book. I could forgive someone who engaged in ill-repute during high-school and college if they apologized and demonstrated how their understanding of women’s humanity has evolved while expressing gratitude to feminists for diligently moving us all forward.

Politics are not my strong suit in life, or even my mediocre suit. I still vote, write letters to representatives occasionally. I’m not convinced this is enough but instead of doing more I draw trees.

Between votes we could consider all our suits in life. How we can be honest about our wrongs in order to evolve a more sophisticated thinking center. How we can breathe and provide shade for each other.

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