Emptiness and Newness

My latest version of painting meditations is to approach it in an art-journaling mind-set. So far I like the result. I made the piece above after contemplating the need for occasional emptiness.

As time goes on I have less to write about. I have long loved to write about nature but I reached a point where I didn’t feel I had anything new to say. More recently I find I have less to journal about because my emotional well-being is very good so I have few things to work out.

I know that the remedy would be to free-write everyday and see what eventually transpires but for now I am content to just keep a diary of the interesting things about the day, a studio journal of what I am working on and plans for how to proceed.

I was feeling uneasy about the lack of productivity but I still have Landscape Diaries to finish editing and Rust to Illustrate. I don’t exactly need a new piece of writing to work with now. My discomfort is a thing of identity, wanting to see myself as an active writer, wanting to imagine a future with more and better work. I have a suspicion that to be empty for a while, to not force things, may create a space for something meaningful to come in. Otherwise my work will stop growing.

The piece below is how I feel about my day yesterday. I was at my day job in a large medical office feeling fatigued and not sure how I was going to talk to people on the phone all day when one of the clinic staff came to shadow me since she is considering working from home as a scheduler after she has a new baby. I was excited for her to start a family and showing a new person what I do gave me some energy which made the day much better.

Today was studio day and in addition to my painting meditations I worked on a large landscape and made more prints for my next market. I was glad to finally have a day in my new studio without having to devote a lot of time to moving. I am really happy in my new home though 🙂

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