“First Rain” New Little Book

I have a new little book finished! I started this a long time ago but got distracted with my spontaneous books. It felt great to finally complete it!

This is one of my 5 x 7” books that have a blank page for writing a greeting and come with an envelope.

I printed these at home on Epson premium double sided matte paper with Epson Claria ink. I am not thrilled with Epson’s inflated ink prices nor their lack of eco-friendly papers but I have some samples of eco-friendly papers coming in the mail. I hope I find one that works at the right weight. These are too stiff for my tastes.

I printed copies for my family with Precision Colors EV6 ink. They looked just as good as the ones in my shop printed with Epson ink! I am just not sure how long they will last without fading but Precision has a new archival ink I am going to get when my Epson cartridges run out or are half empty and refuse to print because the chips say they are empty the company doesn’t have the integrity to treat consumers or the environment respectfully.

I absolutely loved printing these at home and binding them myself. Previously I was having them made at a local printer because the cost per each book was much more reasonable than printing them with Epson’s overpriced ink.

When it was time to print this book, however, I had to level with myself that I don’t sell enough copies to cover the cost of the 50 book minimum at the printer so I decided to print a few at home. I’m glad I did! I am very excited about making my own books in-studio and about discovering a company that makes affordable ink for artists, check out Precision Colors here.

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