Forest Paintings

While I was painting my 100 treescapes it made me happy to have my studio and art practice full of forest imagery. It made so much sense that I, an artist who loves to spend as much time as possible out in the woods, would be a forest landscape painter.

Now my heart is calling me to focus on the abstract meditations I paint to express my experience of being an element of nature myself.

I feel a little grief in this. Anyone who has put effort into making a home for themselves will relate to the grief that comes when it’s time to move even when they are moving into a better place.

These are the last tree paintings I made. I wanted to post them together so they could be included in my on-line body of work before I rearrange my shop and portfolio to reflect my current focus. I know I will still paint forests. I might paint them for fun occasionally or they might become a new body of work after I’ve said all I need to with my abstracts.

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