Stephen’s Creek

The other day I made a painting from sketches I did at the headwaters of Stephen’s Creek. It is a luxurious spot of wetlands and trees with a little bench to sit on and admire the leaves blowing about and the birds carrying on in their normal routines. When I go there I feel unusually peaceful and am able to step into the visceral experience of being me: a little human on a grand planet full of growth and miracles and tremendous challenges.

I didn’t start with a line drawing in order to be more painterly. I love how it turned out.

It was studio day so I also cleaned off my large gator boards and stretched large pieces of watercolor paper. This takes up quite a lot of time because I also have to thoroughly scrub and rinse my bathtub in order to get the large paper wet.

Earlier in the day I started some new painting meditations which I am always excited about and in the afternoon I had a call with a business counselor to get advice about how to best approach my art career.

I felt accomplished at the end of the day even though there are still a lot of important things I’ve been putting off while I catch up on painting.

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