Tarot for Growth

I’ve been reading tarot for myself, friends and acquaintances for 7 years and after receiving a lot of positive feedback about the usefulness of my readings I am offering them publicly on a donation basis. I practice in the modern tradition of using tarot for insights into one’s present life and suggestions for growth. I don’t use them as a fortune telling device.

I was drawn to tarot because I love archetypes, visual storytelling and am obsessed with collecting wisdom. Intuitive practices are a natural fit for a lot of artists. I feel lucky to be one of them!

It can be challenging in the age of science to find ways to engage our mystical and spiritual side that fit with our worldview but it is important to do so. It is human nature to create spiritual practices that comfort us in uncertainty and help us cultivate wisdom and bring ourselves fully into life. We cannot work with logic alone. Because the cards represent universal aspects of the human experience it is possible to use them intuitively to access insights trying to emerge in our consciousness or to see an old situation with a new perspective that allows us to imagine more useful responses.

Please feel free to call or text if you would like to arrange a reading in the Portland area or have questions about tarot: alexandra.schaefers@gmail.com or (503) 208-6147.

Below are my current favorite resources for healing work:

Health Journey’s affirmations tracks

future-self journaling by Dr Nicole LePera

Brene Brown’s TED talks on shame resilience and vulnerability.

Sample reading: