“Tenderly” New Illustration

This is a watercolor illustration of how I feel about life. I made it from a workbook drawing and I feel like its progress in bringing my painting meditation practice into my illustrations, I am really happy about it.

I am moving next month so my studio is half in boxes but I still have my painting supplies out. I am mostly painting meditations because it’s hard to focus on my current book in a room that is complete chaos. I am excited to move. I really like my roommates but I thrive on solitude and it has been a tiring 3 years of not being able to live out my values as much as I am used to. I am very sensitive to certain things I had no knowledge of previously. I am grateful to see but I make so much joy for myself when I live alone just tending to the basics, keeping up with chores and minding my environmental impact as best I can. I feel like it will be a very healing thing to return to my own ways.

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